Turning tragedy to TRIUMPH as a Professional Speaker

Professional speaking is a billion dollar industry. Topics relating to sales, technology, business and leadership are the main topics many speakers choose to deliver their expertise. The formula used to obtain their financial goals is different than topics relating to abuse, health and wellness. 

Sharing your traumatic experiences as a survivor of crime, survivor of health issues and living healthy lifestyle requires you to open your heart. Fear of rejection, judgment, victim blaming and criticism is present at each engagement. Learning to share your story, without pain, is one way to move forward.

Mildred D. Muhammad is an Award-Winning Global Keynote Speaker and International Expert Speaker for the US Dept of State. As a Certified Consultant with the US Dept of Justice for the Office for Victims of Crime and a Certified Domestic Violence Advocate she has repeatedly been called upon to be a CNN Contributor. She has gone through her process of healing and shares her story with the world without feeling rejected, judged and victim-blamed.

Mildred's goal is to teach, survivors of crime, survivors of health issues as well as those living a healthy lifestyle, professional and personal development while becoming the professional speaker they desire to be without feeling triggers, flashbacks, victimized or criticized for their choices. 

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